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PortFolio Fashion Design

Portfolio Fashion Design


Atelier Project
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Makerslab Project
Prada Clash Project
Capture The Flag

Small Projects

Denim Aprons
Capture The Flag  x  Aprons
Scissorcase Showpiece

Feel free to download and share my portfolio

Portfolio Graphic Design
Portfolio Signpainting

Feel free to download and share my portfolio

Portfolio Signpainting


Pencil Box
Capture The Flag Signs
Saw Triology 
SignPainters Toolbox

Portfolio Graphic Design


Internship Book
Save Our Souls
Capture The Flag
Free Work

About me

Being a dropout from Highschool, because I didn’t get any pleasure out of the theoretical stuff we had to learn, it is quite a journey to get to AMFI. I don’t remember that I had ambition to work in the fashion industry in my younger years. But being creative and grown up with computers I choose to try my luck at Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam becoming a graphic designer. 


A four year education and starting in second year the specialization Fashion&Trends. Third year is for Internships and working at O’Neill Europe is the first step into the fashion industry. A choice I definitely do not regret.


My Internship at the heritage surfbrand O’Neill is still very valuable to me today. Working over there I decided to get deeper into the fashion industry. And it’s the reason I am at AMFI learning to be a fashion designer now.


I love that not a day will be ever the same because trend will alway flowing in and out of society. Being able to design and making interesting choices influenced by all kind of factors, but also give it my signature gives me the feeling to exist in this time.


I hope my portfolio gives a good representation of my capabilities and work. And if there will be questions do not hesitate to ask them.


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