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Prada Clash

Starting a new label for the Italian fashion house of Prada, the inspiration for it needs to come from the street.
By looking at what other brands from the streets are currently doing a positioning proposal is made so it will cer- tainly be a added value.

Because it is a commercial brand it must sell, so it needs to be in relation with current trends as in ‘Offbeat’, one of the many trend ows that can be found on WGSN. 

By photographing the outfits of people on the streets of Amsterdam and doing an investigation to the shopfloor of Carhartt and Nike information is gathered. Looking at details and technical or sustainable fabrics they use nowadays will be summarized in a presentation.

Out of those information you'll make choices about what is interesting for the new brand. Making a ‘muze’ for it, to be on the same page with the whole group. Combine everything in a concept that fits with the brand identity which will be the starting point of the collection. 

For the Autumn/Winter collection you'll groupwise make a collection on paper. This will consist: a line-plan, technical drawings and the visualization of the line-up. While working on the Autumn/Winter the concept for Spring/Summer will be made. This concept will be used to make a collection as individual of which one outfit needs to be made.



The Concept

The concept is all about manipulation of graphic elements in an unexpected playful way. Playing with the perspective is a key element in those manipulations. Usual everyday elements are being twisted in contrast of color, scaling and structure, creating a dialog of 2D and 3D elements. This will create a hyper-realistic and futuristic  scene.


Visual overview of the research to the brands.


Reflecting print/application samples.


A tech pack with the trims in technical drawings. From left to right: a irridescent cord, semitransparent cord stopper, taped zipper and a blind zipper.


Pictures which used to get inspiration from.


The pictures which represent the muse.


Overview specsheet of the 'Octopussy' garment.


Overview specsheet the backside


Visual of a outfit. Was a group project in which my task was to color the outfit with marker and high and lowlight them.


Also the applying the All Over Print on the visual was part of the task.


A visual of the third outfit, on which the digital applying of the AOP and the trims are better visible.

Process Pictures

The Muse

This girl is inventively creating her own style. She playfully fabricates quirky yet matching ensembles. Bold prints and colourful contrasts gives the girl heavily futuristic and surreal qualities. she is young, bright, energetic and a rebellious creative. Furthermore, she is blurring the lines between fashion and humour. She cleverly combines classy elements with a playful and surreal edge.

Prada Clash Spring/Summer: Manipulated Confrontation

While working on Autumn/Winter a concept needs to be made for Spring/Summer. Starting with following current trends and artist it can be traced into bigger trends. From there on it can be developed into a concept. 


The concept Manipulated Confrontation is a reaction on all the social media trends that are following up on each other in high speed. Because people want to look good on every picture they share with the digital world, they sometimes forget they have a real life and only are showing their outer shell. 

When they are confronted that their social life is not the real life and the pictures are not showing their real feelings they will first withdraw themselves. So to find their real beauty again people shall first have to accept their imperfectness. Once they can accept those uncomforts, they can show their imperfect but real beauty again.

Dividing the concept in three phases and give everybody it's own phase would cover the whole concept. For me the phase of the revealing was chosen because it would fit working with denim which I applied for. So from there on we could individually work on an own line up and eventually making one of the outfits for a photoshoot and show.



Denim Concept

Denim Concept



Development of Design & Details

Denim is becoming bigger and bigger in now-a-days street fashion. So when there was a choice to work with the original workwear material I applied immediately. Because working with a well respected brand as Candiani Denim and Experimenting in ‘Blue Lab’ is a truly unique opportunity.

Branding is a big part of street fashion. As formerly graphic designer I posess the skills to design and make prototype of trims by 3D-printing and Lasercutting in the ‘Makerslab’. Using it in the fashion industry could reduce sampling time and costs. So those skills are interesting to develop further which I will do in a School Minor


A digital preview of the in Autodesk 3DsMax designed button.


From the side the embossment is visible. The end result will be smoother.


By don't leaving the back really flat the association with the gum becomes better.


A first printed sample, so without color but just to look at how the outcome will be and see if there will be any troubles.


Finally the result is printed with a pink filament that is soluble in salt water, so is environmental friendly.

Clash Shoot; Model: Lara Schut
Clash Shoot; Model: Lara Schut
Clash Shoot; Model: Lara Schut
Instagramposts by LaraSchut

Line Up and Photoshoot

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