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Billiard Case

When I am in a city or village I love to just wander through secondhand stores. Especially the ones that are in industrial area's are favorite, they have plenty of space to put all the products out there. It becomes a great display of all the products some people have collected through their living years. When they are dead their children don't see the value of it anymore and instead of throwing it in a bin they bring it those places. And over time and more deaths the secondhand store becomes more characteristic for the society of the area.

And when wandering around in those places I always look for products that get my curiosity. Sometimes it is because of the material, or the color. Or it can be about marks it got over time, like a dent or scratch which makes it really unique. 

This billiard case was also one of those hidden treasures. The long shape of such a case attracted my eye, and while  it looked like leather it was just a glued on layer of plastic. But when I picked it up I felt the and smelled the care product that was putten on it. From which I felled that the cue which it contains had to be valuable for the former owner.


So when bought I just stripped the outside layer of and the nicely wooden construction became visual. When I also stripped the red felt with blue chalk on the inside I knew this product just needed two layers of varnish and less chalkdust on the inside. And while working on it a funny ambiguity greeting of a friend popped up in my mind, which I finally painted on there. 


So the case looks professional but after reading the text it is just about fun and getting a laugh. 

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