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Worksong Concept Briefing

A Denim Brand is starting a new label within their company and there is only already a name for it: “Worksong”. Because it is still only a name the whole creative part is still needed to be done. So do research to style and target group, from there on make a concept for which moodboards and styleguides needs to be created. 


The first part of the project will be focused on creating the identity of the brand. Create a new logo, arrange a photoshoot and make several media expressions. Be aware that not only the result must be of a high level but also the technical part of it.

After a presentation and getting a follow up with the client there needs to be made more digital media expressions. The design of a website is the main task, within the website there will be other assignments like a banner and a movie. It also needs to have a contact page and a shop, Base your choices on the parts that are investigated in the first part. 


All the work must be reflected, in the end there is need to made a process book with a summary of every competence. The process book will give a objective view on what you’ve learned. With pictures which support your story and is representing the competence. Make sure that the lay-out/design of the book is connected to the project so it can be presented together with it at the deadline.


The 'WorkSong'-concept


With the Denim Brand Worksong we go back to times that the United States of Amerika still had to be settled. The raw landscapes still had to be survived and pioneered, sources needed to be discovered and the infrastructure and houses needed to be build. 

The work to get the raw materials and process them was mostly done on the field and in dusty old fabrics by slaves. The workdays were long, monotonous and laborious. To forgot the time and pain the slaves started to sing, the rhythm of the work became the rhythm of the music. The lyrics were mostly about hope, hope for new opportunities, hope for a new country. A country that had the work and music in his soul and identity.

The clothing of the slaves was mostly focused on functionality and sustainability, They wore shirts of hemp that stayed cool in the sun, and heavy denim garments because it was wear resistant. Their identity and hard work became visible by wears and tears in the garments. When torn the garments were repaired, the creative solutions they used are inspiration for our nowadays denim industry.


Add working in the sun or in dirty factories and you can imagine the discoloration by rust, dirt and grease in the fabric. The garments started to really get their identity and became the story of their life.



Worksong Huisstijlhandboek
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek2
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek3
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek4
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek5
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek6
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek7
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek8
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek9
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek10
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek11
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek12
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek13
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek14
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek15
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek16
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek17
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek18
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek19
Worksong Huisstijlhandboek20



"Little house on the prairie"


"Over the bridge"


"Take the bridge"


"Bridge too far"


"Indian Summer"


"Build our identity"


"Make it ours"


"Sing it"


"Make music on it"


"Makes work lighter"


"Take shelter"


"Taking It"


"Pioneers Tools"



By using a different kind of paper a brand can really add value to a product.


Also spare fabric is added to the hangtag so the consumer could repair it but also will keep the hangtag. And by that the recognition of the brand will become higher.

Schermafbeelding 2011-11-22 om 11.28.53

The design for the header and footer was chosen to neutral and more timeless. In the content box a movie about the collection started to play, which would be about the current collection and would be seasonal.

Schermafbeelding 2011-12-01 om 10.47.23

When entering the shop it would open a slide show with the collection pictures and underneath it the buyable projects on the picture.

Schermafbeelding 2011-12-01 om 10.47.52

By clicking on a product it would open more information about the product and you would get the possibility to buy it.

Schermafbeelding 2011-12-01 om 10.46.33

The best thing to do is to let a consumer register so you could always connect with him launching a new drop.

Schermafbeelding 2011-12-01 om 10.45.44

To let the target group know about the brand and what is going on behind the scenes, the design for a digital newspaper was created: 'The WorkSong Times'

Schermafbeelding 2011-12-01 om 10.38.07

And a website needs a contact page.

Additional Branding

For this reason a ‘tetralogy’ was chosen. The style of the stylebook is implemented on all four of them. The ‘Stylebook’ and ‘StylePhotobook’ got a brown cover while the ‘Brandingbook’ and the ‘Processbook’ have a offwhite cover. By putting the brand on in the opposite color and keeping the dimensions the same it keeps a strong connection.



The process booklet is just a informational document and is not that interesting most of the times. But being at a Graphic School an easy document wouldn’t be enough to pass. So the outlook is almost as important as the content of it, when it looks interesting it gives more pleasure to read most of the times.

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