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Denim Aprons

After several questions if the Capture The Flag aprons were sold anywhere, and I had to sell them a 'no', I decided to make a few aprons in my own time for selling.


A pattern is developed that covers the chest neatly and also added the details which give the customer the feeling of buying a added valuable product.

Denim Aprons: The Love me Bartender

So the protection in the neck which prevents the leather from cutting in your skin is one of those features. It gives the wearer the comfort so he can wear it all the day or evening on whatever the occasion belongs from him.

It is also possible to make bespoke aprons which are handy to wear at your company. When ordered more than three aprons it is even possible to get your own brandlogo lasered into a leather label and stitched on. For this you can personally contact me.


The red color on the backside is not common for denim, but in this case it gives it a nice luxury outlook.


The small label is on the left hand side. It is an approval of quality.


The apron can be closed with the small belt on the back.


To avoid the leather wearing into your skin a neckstrap is included.


The neckstrap gives comfort to the neck while wearing.


You can't host a party without having your bottle opener at your fingertips. So it's include to your apron!

Denim Aprons: The Barista

The selvedge fabric of this apron becomes more special when you look close to it. When you'll look closer to it diagonal stripes will appear, because it is not woven like a traditional denim. This type of weaving also makes the interesting.

Another specific detail for this apron is the rings on the right hip. This is added to put a piece of cloth in it, or to hang on something else that comes in handy at any time. This detail makes the apron perfect for a barista or cook.


To give the nice backside of the fabric some attention I chose to use it for the lapel on the neckstrap.

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