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Additional Work

Some work wears my label with pride but the project is to small to add a whole page to it. Those project will get the attention on this page because it shows my adaptability and also represents my way of thinking about product development. 

If you are interested in buying a product you can hit the button below the gallery and it will redirect you to my Etsy webshop. By buying something out of my atelier you support me doing more of these projects and are definitely very grateful for your support.


The technical fabric of TenCate which I found at a local fabric store was probably the last piece on the shelf, it was a just one meter and for that way less than the normal price. But it was to interesting to just let it there. 

Almost a year later I still didn't find the right us for it, but had some pieces of leather which combined very nicely with it. So to use the water- and dirt resistant fabric to the fullest I decide to make some nice tote bags of it.


The Mottainai-Bag

A bag fully inspired on the japenese Art of Boro. By sharing their intellectual legacy of mottainai, word for the feeling of wasting material when throwing it in a bin, I collected all the scrap pieces and putted them in a box. Over time the pieces of fabric came in handy when I needed to repair my clothes, but still I had an overflow.. 

So for that reason I started to cut them up in rectangular’s and stitched them together to make a nice patchwork of it. The main pieces of it became this bag. All these different pieces of fabric were in some way part of my process. And therefor I am also really proud of this bag.


Two-In-One Beach-Bag

With the spring in the air and the coming up beach days in the mind this tote bag is designed. Due designers like Coco Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier the blue white striping found its way from the French Marine to the catwalk, and so to the street as well. Because we all want to keepi the oceans as clean as possible this bag is made fully out of biodegradable materials and is a very responsible purchase. So as there are only are made four you will have a unique item to show-off on the coming up beach days.


The first fabric is a right hand twill, which in daily life is known as the weft that is used for the workwear fabric we know as denim. Where denim is indigo dyed and will fade and blend with the whiter stripe, this fabric is yarn dyed to the core and therefor will not bleed.

Second fabric is what we know as a 1:1 woven fabric and combines in color great with the other. By turning the bag inside out you can have a different outlook. So actually you buy two bags for the price of one.


The bag is responsibly and as all other articles fully made inside the atelier, and therefor consists only quality natural locally sourced materials. The straps are made out of strokes of waste leather from the industry. After pouncing holes on the edge, they are stitched fully by hand with linnen thread. Due the longer fiber length this thread is very durable and guarantees a longer life cycle.


House Of The Rising Sun Bags

The first memory to specifically to the song House of the Rising Sun for me are drawn back to the nineties. The commercial of Paul Jones presenting TimeLife Sounds of the Sixties was maybe annoying back then, but also meant getting in contact with songs from times before I was born. Hearing singer/songwriter musicians getting inspired by that era made my interest grew and inheriting the pick up and vinyls of my father I nowadays I can’t even imagine the world without those songs. As they are a great resource for the musicians I like(d) to listen they definitely became a inspiration in my design work as well.


What especially attract me in the music of the sixties are the lyrics. They express the zeitgeist of that time so well and needed to be thought well through as it had to withstand the test of time as recording and releasing wasn’t as easy as it currently is. 

Being myself into crafting products and having appreciation for materials that are getting more beautiful due ageing, hearing this sentence in by The Animals song House of the Rising Sun really stick to me, as I 20 years ago couldn’t even imagine I could myself a jeans. So as learning sewing on mothers sewing machine resulted in being in fashion design with the specialties of (graphic) print and denim got me eventually to tailoring. An reason why this sentence I guess is representative to me. 

Therefor I started to design a print in which the sentence was divided in two parts but also connected with each other. As I started to become more exciting about it’s design it started to become a project where I putted all my love for different crafts in. 

So the prints “My Mother was a Tailor” “She sewed my New Blue Jeans” are (sign) painted on the fabric of these bags. Painting it letter by letter gives it more character and uniqueness. As it will getting used it gets nicer with ageing as the brushstrokes will become more visible as normally signs also get better with time.

The leather on it is measured and cut out piece by piece. For the white stitching with linnen thread it needed to be pounced and stitched by hand, which is time consuming but well worth it as it will last long and gives it character as it is less flat.

All the bags are lined with lining that matches with it’s exterior. The striped lined bags also contain a small lined pocket on the inside in which card or keys can be put in so will not get lost in the huge amount of storage space of the bag.

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