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Looking for new surfaces to practice my signpainting on I spotted this old BreadBox. The former owner already painted it to get it in a better condition. Personally I don’t think it was that good of a job due the irregular surface it created, but it eventually inspired me to try something new. 

The word on it ‘Brood’ is dutch for bread and is of course chosen to suggest what normally was into the box. This led to searching inspiration of fonts of old dutch bakeries. Eventually the old cart of bakery ’Hus’ grabbed my attention because it had this nice old font that would fit to the shape of the box. 

When redesigned the typo to fit the box, painting it on there was quite easily. Eventually it looked kind of flat an as you see in the inspiration there is a small line next to it. So to give it more depth I putted a dark blue shade to the right side of the letters. But when finished it still looked to clean to be on such an older box, so putting some tape around my finger and tapping it on the slight irregular surface I created a more lived through outcome which for me matches better with the old state the box is in.


'The Herman BroodNodig Box'

My brother and his girfriend bought a breadbox for in their kitchen and asked me to paint some letters on it, in some kitchen matching colours. As I am always in on painting a indispicable surface I agreed on it. As he is always really into the word jokes, he came up with the wish to call it “Herman”. As it is a reference to the Dutch rockStar and painter Herman Brood. It is an okay joke but for me it could have some more depth. 

It is eventually why I came up with the saying “broodnodig”, which freely translated means “bread needed” and means as much as highly necessary. By putting the word bread on the lid and the “needed?” part on the inside bottom, it will become visible when the box is empty and you’ll really need bread. Eventually I also fulfilled on his wish by putting the signature of Herman (Brood) on the back.

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