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The Smaller Signpaint Projects

This page is dedicated to the small sign paint project on which I can't dedicate a whole page to. But because I still proud of the work I put in and want to share the story of thought behind it, this page shows those  

projects that help me make practice and progress. Some of the projects will also be for sale then just hit the button that will link to my Etsy store. If you have a product or project for me just contact me and we'll definitely it out. 

Shop Sign Saw

When visiting a second hand store my eyes always get grabbed by objects that stood the test of time. To me it always has looked better when products were used, have a dent or being bruised. It is what starts to make them a part of something, of a story or a tool of it's user(s).

This first saw definitely attracted me because of that the weird shape of the handle and the not perfect round hole in it. To me it definitely deserved more appreciation then ending up in the bin and therefor I made a open/closed sign out of it. 

Painting a shop sign out of the first saw definitely inspired me to paint a second. So when founding another small saw I immediately knew it would be a horizontal shopsign to bring some variety.

For both saws I can say that I am pleased with the fact that I was able to give them a second life, and that I hope they will hang out some time more giving character to a physical shop. 


Yes I saw you looking...

As every sign painter likes some word jokes ones in a while I am not an exception on that. As a sign is about grabbing someones attention humor definitely can be key in this. So when I had this saw laying around this 

quirky sentence popped in my mind. To give it the right feel I found inspiration in the hotrod-scene where jokes were part of the paint. As a lot of paint was done on a matte surface I used a matte and glossy paint.


Never Cutting Corners

My biggest drive in making products is creating quality goods that will last a long time and get more beautiful due ageing. To never compromise on the quality I always researching on which tools and which material to use. Because if you’ll put labor in something it would be a pity to see it failing because of the lack on quality in it resources.


It was one of my teachers who said that my eye for those details and being quality driven all the time could be my strength but also a threat. Especially when I would work into the industry and you’ll sometimes need to make compromises to keep profit on the product. 

It is something I do understand but see as a mindset that needs to be changed again. We’ll need to go back to products that last and stand the test of time. Because the biggest compliment to me would be that the product will still live on as I am passed away some day.


So painting this saw is a tribute to the quality driven craftsmen, that don’t compromise on quality and do it the way it should be done because in that way it will last longer. It are them who I adore and learn from, so this saw is to the one that “Never Cutting Corners”.


"Put your Money Where The Mouth is"

Wandering through the local secondhand store I saw an organizer box, to probably put cards in or so. For me mostly the #material and the placement of the hinge was interesting. As it has this angled lid and a nicely aged surface I grabbed it with me as I knew it would be a good canvas to put some lettering on.


As it was standing in my atelier to keep it in the back of my mind to do something with it, the idea dropped when I was having some drinks in a local bar/pub. On the counter there was standing this moneybox to put a #tip in, with a chalk #sign “Tips are appreciated!”. Looking on it from a distance the box didn’t get much attention and therefor the purpose for it wasn’t really working.

As every bartender knows a happy customer is a paying customer, and therefor I thought how could I put a smile upon somebody’s face while paying the bill. Immediately my mind was on track and came with this proverb that when brought in a fun and cheeky way could work. 


After a small sketch I started to cut out the smile that would be able to put money in the box. As all sides of the box are different, as the lid is diagonal, it took some hours of designing letters by hand that would fit it’s purpose. As eventually the attention needs to lead to the sentence on the front I putted some highlights on the words so it got some more dimension. I hope and think it is well worth the investment as it will hopefully refunds itself by getting a laugh from your customers and some appreciation for the staff.

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