A summary of the internship has to be made in a visual attractive medium. This book is not only a summary of learning in the content but also in the outlook. Most of the used techniques were learned to me by colleagues or tried out first time during the work time in the atelier. 


Especially at O’Neill the possibilities and openness in the work was great. More about this you’ll find in the O’Neill page. But it is visual that influenced my work in a positive way. especially the silkscreen printing and the creation of prints is great experience to have within the fashion industry.


The book and it's case is created from scratch on, so the case is build up by glueing some wooden planks together and saw them in the right dimensions. After a lot of scraping and grinding it got the softness that is needed to get the right contrast with the pyrography. 


For the pyrography a print was sketched and transferred with a pencil on the wood, so the burning is done by hand. For this reason it gets those imperfections that are really loved by its creator.