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To finance my projects and keep this site up and running I sell some quality items made in my small Haarlem based Atelier via my Etsy Webshop.

I hope you’ll support me and buy one of the unique quality items. Just scroll down or use the buttons to quickly navigate through the products.

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Painted Saws
Additional Items

Denim Aprons

How to improve a garment that is already so thought through. The answer is for me improving the fit and add features that really specifies the use of the apron. So a pattern is developed that covers the chest neatly and also added the details which give the customer the feeling of buying a added valuable product.

Denim Aprons: The Love me Bartender

So the protection in the neck which prevents the leather from cutting in your skin is one of those features. It gives the wearer the comfort so he can wear it all the day or evening on whatever the occasion belongs from him.

Denim Aprons: The Barista

The selvedge fabric of this apron becomes more special when you look close to it. When you'll look closer to it diagonal stripes will appear, because it is not woven like a traditional denim. This type of weaving also makes the denim more interesting.

Another specific detail for this apron are the rings on the right hip. This is added to put a piece of cloth in it, or to hang on something else that comes in handy at any time. This detail makes the apron perfect for a barista or cook.


JLS Bag 1&2: Technical Fabrics

The technical fabric of TenCate which I found at a local fabric store was probably the last piece on the shelf, it was just one meter and for that way less than the normal price. But it was to interesting to just leave it there. 

Almost a year later I still didn't find the right us for it, but had some pieces of leather which combined very nicely with it. So to use the water- and dirt resistant fabric to the fullest I decide to make some nice tote bags of it.

The Mottainai-Bag

Two-In-One Beach-Bag

With the spring in the air and the coming up beach days in the mind this tote bag is designed. Due designers like Coco Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier the blue white striping found its way from the French Marine to the catwalk, and so to the street as well. So as there are only are made four you will have a unique item to show-off on the coming up beach days.

The bag is responsibly and as all other articles fully made inside the atelier, and therefor consists only quality natural locally sourced materials. The straps are made out of strokes of waste leather from the industry. After pouncing holes on the edge, they are stitched fully by hand with linnen thread.

House Of The Rising Sun Bags

the prints “My Mother was a Tailor” “She sewed my New Blue Jeans” are (sign) painted on the fabric of these bags. Painting it letter by letter gives it more character and uniqueness. As it will getting used it gets nicer with ageing as the brushstrokes will become more visible as normally signs also get better with time.

All the bags are lined with lining that matches with it’s exterior. The striped lined bags also contain a small lined pocket on the inside in which card or keys can be put in so will not get lost in the huge amount of storage space of the bag.

There is and will only be one of each bag so be fast to buy your favourite!



Doing graphic design and making prints in the fashion industry the interest in making prints by hand instead of doing everything digital soon got my interest. Crafting gives it these imperfection that not can be replicated and makes it more natural and nicer to the eye. Seeing the craft of signpainting in small Vimeo documentaries and doing a workshop got me to pick up the brush and improving myself.

Learning by just doing, repeating and finding my own tricks as left-handed creative is what inspires me every time to raise the bar. Underneath you'll find some developped sign but if you want a bespoke sign or painting on location, or are you doubting about the added value, just contact me and I am always likely to come to a creative and professional result that will fit you!

Open / Off Duty Sign

Every entrepreneur likes to have it’s own identity to distinguish themselves from their competitors. As this already start at the door of the (barber) shop, store, restaurant, coffeebar or pub I made these open closed signs.

To keep the costs low, without become looking cheap, I used the same design but used a different color scheme for every sign. So therefor every sign is unique and can be the signature for your company. 

Smell of coffee is for free

Reading a news article of entrepreneurs that told about the amount of customers came to use their space and internet and only getting one beverage in hours of working over there gave me the idea for this sign.

Telling your customers in a fun way that the space is for you to make money and serve them by selling something, can be the way to bring some awareness. A sign like this can help you definitely on the right way. Made only two, so be fast!


Painted Saws

Looking for canvasses to put paintings on, my eyes landed on the tool that is mostly used by every carpenter, the saw. To me they over time became more than just a canvas but also a inspiration.As it is a very functional focussed every day tool we sometimes forget to look at the amount of detail.

The shaping of the wooden handles by old craftsman really distinguish the old saws of the more modern mostly plastic handles. When it is used well you can really see the grip of it's former user. As it has done her work it deserves to have a second life, to be a characteristic art piece which adds character to every shop..

Smell of coffee is for free

Add character right on the doorstep of your workplace, shop, or pub. Both of the sides of these saws are painted so with just one twist your customers know if you're there or not.

As the first saw looked better vertical through its shape it is painted vertically on both sides.

The second one can just be hanged horizontally like a normal balanced saw.

Never cutting corners

Are you a working man? Who never compromises on the quality of his/her tools and material? Then this saw is definitely cut out for you!

Just hang it above your door, or on the wall and it is an underlining to your work. And that your customer is in the right place to get value for his/her money.

Support your local craftsman

In a society which is flood with products, it are craftsman that make things that stand the test of time. It are them you can rely on when something needs to be specially made or repaired. They are back-boning society, honouring tradition and are fairly paying their taxes.

Sometimes we might think their labor is expensive but when they and their knowledge are gone we sudden realise how reliable they were.

Are you a craftsman or do you know one, get one of these saws to remind the community to support him/her.

Never cutting corners

As the old saws have those crafted wooden handles they became a kind of metaphor to me for local entrepreneurs that maintain craft and knowledge of how to create unique quality goods. Therefor I always try find a sentence or proverb that really represent this groep and would also fit within the mindset of the daily operations of these craftsmen.

To keep them affordable I make them in trilogy as I then only have to invest on research on words and inspiration ones. But as every saw has its own measurements I design the layout and letters for every saw separately to eventually create a new identity for every single one of them. When everything is transferred with chalk I mix the paint and prepare my brushes to paint them letter by letter. 


"Put Your Money Where The Mouth Is"-Tip Box

As every bartender knows a happy customer is a paying customer, and therefor I thought how could I put a smile upon somebody’s face while paying the bill. Immediately my mind was on track and came with this proverb that when brought in a fun and cheeky way could work. 

I hope and think it is well worth the investment as it will hopefully refunds itself by getting a laugh from your customers and some appreciation for the staff.