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Additional Work

Some work wears my label with pride but the project is to small to add a whole page to it. Those project will get the attention on this page because it shows my adaptability and also my represents my way of thinking about product development. 

Most of the products I develop to sale them directly at the webshop which the Capture The Flag brand provides me. If the items are still for sale just hit the button below the gallery and it will redirect you to the webshop.

Chris 'The Butcher' Board

When suddenly I became homeless and family didn't provide a place to stay, just one message to a friend was enough to have a sleeping place for the night. While his wife was pregnant from their second child they provided me for two days so I could arrange all kind of stuff. In the evening they really listened to my story and helped me sort things out. They gave trust, love and warmth when most needed, and did it without any doubts.

To get this friend a really personal present for his birthday and a big thank you to him and his family I wanted to do something special.

So when he was young he worked parttime as a butcher and twenty years later still wears the nickname ‘Butcher’ with pride. And infected with the BBQ virus we already had some special evenings at his place. So what could be more awesome than cutting a piece of meat of his kamado-barbecue, on his personalized cutting board. As said it was done and now he is still displaying it proudly on a dressoir. But I hope we soon can get a nice picture of it with a nice piece slow cooked/grilled meat.


The ChangingChalkboard Frame

When I found this frame it was painted gold and not in that good of a state anymore. For that reason I decided to make it a bit more modern and repaint it. When I sprayed the base paint on it I felt that something was happening to the list. The elements, that first were overlooked because of the bad condition, started to get back the attention again. To eventually get it more depth I irregularly spay-painted some silver over, by sanding it lightly after it got a more faded end-result.

First putted the framework empty on the wall and let the wall be the painting for it. In this way the frame was also artwork on its own. But over time and moving out I wanted to do something different with it, because just hanging it to a black wall was not complementary to it.

Eventually I measured the hole, got a piece of wood and painted it schoolboard black. In this way I am able to renew the chalking artwork over time and at the same time train lettering skills while sharing the results over here

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