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SIgnpainters Toolbox

Wandering through a second hand store this toolbox immediately grabbed my attention. The simplicity of it’s shape and the lived through patina made it more valuable then the five euro’s that were asked for it. 

Eventually it took some paint remover and sanding paper to remove the old layer of paint and reveal the bare metal again. By grinding in circles it started to create a pattern that reflected the light very nicely. Eventually I managed in that way to remove most of the paint and rust I did want to remove. To me it was more interesting to keep the patina that took time to develop. So on the inside I sprayed a few layers of transparent paint over it to preserve it. 

The outside became a nice surface to put a painting on of what it is going to serve for: keeping my signpaint tools together when working outside the atelier. Because such a paint will also be a ‘business card’ to the outside I wanted something that represents me as designer: combining crafts with more modern touches.

I came up with drawing a paint that is traditional in its font but by detailing becomes more dimensional and modern. A illusion for the eye but really a subtile one. It eventually took some time and planning to paint in different stages, but I believe the outcome does has the ‘modern craft’ feel I always try to get into my work.

So beside the end result I also like to show the proces of making, skipping through the images you could find it below.

If you have a signpaint-job outside my atelier for me please do not hesitate to ask what the options are. It is most of the time easily to adapt to your wishes and am mostly available as well in the evening as during daytime. My experience is that crafts always are getting some attention of public, so beside your business getting a painting, it can gets a extra customer experience as well.

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