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Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag is a small T-Shirt label starting in 2015 by Joost Cozijn, Martijn Legemate & Jaap Spruitenburg. Seeing it as a adventure to be an entrepeneur and sell a product we work on with passion and dignity is the main reason starting this brand.

In this small team everyone has his own responsibilities and main tasks. But communicating openly and working interdis- ceplanary gets each of the members more knowledge about entrepeneurship and fashionindustry.


The main tasks for me are mostly related to creativity and marketing/

communication. Setting up a database and providing everything necessary to outsource the products to be made.


To bring back the handmade part into clothing and let the customer be part of the process the printing is done in house. The caroussel is made on a movable crate so the stuff can be taken outside the atelier to represent what the brand is up to. Let the customer experience the care for the product so it becomes a little bit more than just a piece of clothing.


The Brand-Conceptbook


To have everybody moving in the same direction and have a file to present to possible resellers of the CTF a brand-conceptbook is created. The file presents how the idea for the brand was born and what the ideology of the brand is. Don't call it our 'Holy Bible' but see it as a fundamental bookwork that gives handles to represent Capture The Flag.

Zooming in on the content of the book you will find a summary about the thought behind how we design the product. By imagining how a certain person would think and create his own ideology the product give more depth. So it doesn't specifically represents one of us but the texts and words are also not just taken out of nothing. Because they are the story of the association the founders had with 'Capture The Flag' as a brand. 


After inking a approved sketch it is scanned in to progress digitally. The flag is simplified to get it a little bit more modern outlook without losing feeling for luxury and craft.


Original logo has highlight on the right side, and the slogan underneath.


When we need to print it small the slogan and highlight making it unreadable so then the alternative logo is used.


The branding cards to promote the brand, with a package sending we send some along to spread the word.


The final execution of the cards. A UV-spot varnish is printed on so in an angle to light it glinsters. It gives the right luxury feel to the brand.


Branded paper to send out our invoices, and all kind of other business related things.


Hangtags which will be enclosed to the shirts. On the back a small story about the garment.


A visual of the branding. Left above the sending package, on the right a hand stitched card/money holder

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-13 om 11.42.11

On the website small drawings introduces the info about the specific subject.



As can be read on the last subject of the brandconcept-book there is a thought behind the CTF-logo: It is also about building up our new identity. For this the brand needs several branding representations in different types of media.

To design all kind of branding the same color way as in the logo is used: just black and white. By getting it the right composition and apply techniques like print-varnish it is getting the luxury such a price range brand deserves.

First Collection


A responsible base is one of the key elements to build a company on. For our first collection we started with sourcing a production company to build a longer term relationship with, which also had the same ethic values as ours. We believe that good communication and sampling lead to the products we can present and sell to the consumer with pride.


To shoot our first collection we chose the base of a building that will be build on the same peatland of our own roots. It will be the place where one of us will start a new phase of his life and where we can settle down our atelier.

The connection with our roots you’ll also see in the tekstprints on our shirts. We refer to the districts number our atelier is based in. Besides that we want to communicate our values, because it can’t be said enough that Capture The Flag is not about war. Because war is never the solution to overcome a conflict.


We’ll hope that you’ll enjoy our first collectionbook that we present with pride and love. Because in the end that is all we want as Capture The Flag: to spread love, love for each other, love to society, and the love of our products.

1st CaptureTheFlag Collection

On the front of the apron there is a big stitched on pocket that is lined and also has some more little pockets on the inside. It is also used to cover up the welt pocket where personal belongings can be put into. The small welt pocket that is right on top of the pocket is just made big enough to put the branding cards in and have them within reach all the time.


Next to the stitched on pockets there are rings stitched on. These rings can be used to put a piece of cloth into so when they get some ink on the hands they can clean it. Because when silkscreen printing only working with clean hands can get a quality results.

Capture The Flag  X  Denim Apron


When silkscreen printing the two bald gentleman wear the aprons. These aprons are tailor-made for them and are also bespoke for silkscreen printing. In this way their clothes are protected and they also look representable on expositions.


The combination of denim and leather is choses because it is sustainable and represents the love for craft. The details as well the lining are stitched on by hand. That takes time but represents the tailoring aspect of the product and the eye for quality all along the development process.

CTF Aprons

Capture The Flag: Bloody Army Jacket


Based on a originally Dutch Army jacket this jacket for the brand Capture The Flag is made. By ordering in large quantities the prices for a garment for the army are low. The value of the garment is not seen anymore because it has this uniformity and a low price. Because of this there is a lot of waste what makes army’s all over the world big consumers of textile

This is the reason to give a jacket an overhaul and show that such a garment can still have value. By taking it apart and renewing details the jacket has got a cleaner fit and doesn’t have the outlook of a uniform anymore. Also the denim that is added is red on the inside which forms a nice contrast with the army green and blue denim. By this it became a casual jacket instead of a Dutch uniform.


The cuff is finished with a mix of denim- and the original army jacket details.


Because the inside of the sleeves is bloody red it became the 'Bloody Army Jacket'


To prevent fabric from tearing a small leather piece is added in the back.


The shoulder flap with army detailed button.


To make it really a new product the leather Capture The Flag label is sewn in the back.

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