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Scissorbox Showpiece

This showpiece found its origin like many other projects in the local secondhand store. A foldable tray, that probably was given as company Christmas gift looking at the burned in logo on the inside, formed the first base for this project. As it had this interesting folding purpose I knew it could be something more special. So after having it in the atelier for a while I thought of making a showpiece of it to put in the window of the atelier to show a bit of the possibilities I am able to execute.

As I have this amazing old tailor scissor in the atelier (which I am not able to work with because I am lefthanded creative) I wanted to put some honour to it and decided to give it the center of attention in this showpiece. So after deconstructing the tray I took some scrap wood to make a little stand for the scissor to stand in as it is not able to stand by itself.

As this whole tray was made of pinewood I putted a stain over it to give it this darker richer color. Then I putted some strong boat lacquer over it to give it this more shiny outlook and to protect the wood a bit more.

In the time all the parts were drying I started to design the lettering to show the message I want it to have. As my work is most of the time is an honour to craft and tradition but in a more contemporary aesthetic I thought it should include this message.

To give it the sustainable approach that I like to include in my design I took some nice sustainable Red Light Selvedge denim leftover from a previous project. Sewing it together and tape the outside completed the inlay of the tray. After I glued it in, all the typography was painted in with colours that match the selvedge. On the outside I chose to give it a more traditional color scheme as the tekst asks for this.

To eventually give it my signature by taking some copper and made a label with a etching technique I learned along the way. Eventually putting it on together with some leather leftovers which gives it a more luxurious feel.

As it has some modern design combined with some older crafting techniques I believe it is an interesting showpiece. Considering I only used leftovers or waste I think it shows off what I am able to create by just putting some dedication and time in the waste considered materials. 

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