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Signpainters Pencil Box

Signpainting started for me as all project go, do research get materials and start to get known with the tools material and creativity. So after a seminar and workshop it was time to make some investments. After emailing with several signpainters to get some good supplies eventually some MackBrushes and OneShot Paint was bought. 


A secondhand wooden case is bought to protect the brushes from the environment, because the longer hairs are very fragile. After some practice there was need to paint something more definite. After designing a good composition it is transferred on the casket and painted. In the print there is reference to the original maker of the casket: Talens. The typical curl in their original logo combined with the more straight type gave inspiration. 

After buying more pencils and the need of transportation the inside needed to be more sorted out. By using waste selvedge denim and leather from previous projects a inlay was made. The pencils now got their own place in the casket and the little pinstripe swords are in the lid together with the accessories like oil and thinner.


The end result of the ‘Sign painters Pencil Box’ is in my opinion really representable to show the craft of signpainting. But most of all it really sorts out everything and there is no need to search anymore. The only little problem with the box is that it almost already became to small, because the addiction to sign painting makes me buying more tools.

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