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Additional Work

Some work wears my label with pride but the project is to small to add a whole page to it. Those project will get the attention on this page because it shows my adaptability and also my represents my way of thinking about product development. 

Most of the products I develop to sale them directly at the webshop which the Capture The Flag brand provides me. If the items are still for sale just hit the button below the gallery and it will redirect you to the webshop.


The technical fabric of TenCate which I found at a local fabric store was probably the last piece on the shelf, it was a just one meter and for that way less than the normal price. But it was to interesting to just let it there. 

Almost a year later I still didn't find the right us for it, but had some pieces of leather which combined very nicely with it. So to use the water- and dirt resistant fabric to the fullest I decide to make some nice tote bags of it.

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